Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 11 Project 365

We braved the frigid temperatures yesterday to take our first walk on the ice this winter.

 A wooded trail leading to our neighbors to the west.

 We headed east, in search of a beaver lodge.
Jed found this duck-shaped ice sculpture.
Cool, but not a beaver.

 Tracy and Jed spot evidence of beaver activity.


 The marshy area where the cut-down trees are.
Cool, but no beaver lodge.

  Tracking two wild and dangerous animals through the snow.

 We give up on the beaver search when Tracy breaks through the ice in the marshy area in his hiking boots.
Refuses to buy snow boots when "hiking boots are just as good."  
I remind him that sometimes they're not.  :)
Tracy goes in to warm up and Jed heads out to our luge track (aka our driveway) to reinforce the walls.

 I play with the camera while Jed is working.
This is work too, right?

I love changing the focus from background to foreground.
Probably too gimmicky, but I don't care.  :)

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